Nba Playoff, Golden State-New Orleans 123-101

Golden State devastated New Orleans 123-101 in the first act of the conference semifinals, dragged by the wild Durant and the triple double of Green. Davis stopped by Looney If you are the strongest, show it now. Golden State immediately makes clear the balance of power with New Orleans, devastating the Pelicans 123-101 in a first act with no history of the Western Conference semi-final. The Warriors showed their muscles, breaking the enthusiasm of the Pelicans (stopped a week after struggling Portland in the first round) with the talent of Kevin Durant (26 points and 13 rebounds) and Klay Thompson (27 points), the energy without End of Draymond Green (triple triple from 16 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists) and a sumptuous defense against Anthony Davis, the public enemy number one limited to 21 points and 10 rebounds mainly by Kevon Looney, ace up the sleeve of coach Kerr. The Pelicans are rediscovered small, devoid of the talent necessary to stay at the level of champions, even if coach Alvin Gentry, ring with the Warriors in 2015 with the role of Associated Head Coach, promises from here to Tuesday to spend sleepless nights with Rajon Rondo to study what it did not work. Only the Warriors in race-2 should (words of coach Kerr) also find Steph Curry, ready to return from injury.

Golden State won because he understood how Davis stops. Kerr tried first by inserting Nick Young in the quintet, with Durant from the big wing with the task of limiting Nikola Mirotic, X-Factor of the series with Portland but almost nil in the race-1 with the Warriors (98 points and 8 rebounds in 29 '), and Green center on the tracks of Davis With his first change, however, the coach of Golden State has hit the center: inside Looney, highest quintet and defensive wall under the basket hardly penetrable. "To stop him you have to keep him in front of you and make him take difficult shots, avoiding all those dunks he did at the start of the game: we succeeded," explained Green. Davis had a quarter to empty, the second, and limiting him the attack of the Pelicans has stopped (40.8% in the first three periods), with Rondo who no longer knew who to distribute his irresistible assists and Jrue Holiday out sync for fouls problems. New Orleans in the first quarter had hit the bump playing at a frenzied pace, but when Davis went off the comrades did the same. And the Warriors took the opportunity to slaughter them with a partial 24-2 that decided the match.Follow wetten VIP prediction and bet on yor favourite team.

Among those rivals will be IƱigo, for the first time playing against Real. "The feeling is going to be strange, it's been a partner and having him in front of him is strange, itThe match was decided there, with that partial 24-2 with which Golden State turned a pulled 52-46 to 7'10 "from the rest in an unrecoverable 76-48 to 49" from the interval. Before the tear had been a balanced game (35-34 for the hosts at the first siren), with the high rhythm of the Pelicans capable of putting in difficulty the defense Warriors and devastating champions in attack, with Durant pulled shiny from the start (12 points in the first quarter) and Green collector of statistics (12 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists already at rest) able to make the difference.

Shooting without story: Davis, with Looney on the bench, try to reignite it by returning the gap below 20 points at the start of third quarter, but the Warriors manage and sink when Durant slips two triples in 30 "for the 103-72 Golden State 4 "From the third siren. If Tuesday in race-2 New Orleans will not understand how to hurt even if the defense of Golden State momentarily turn off Davis, maybe pulling something out of a bench limited to 10 points in the first 3 quarters, this series is likely to have a short life.

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